"I would say the biggest thing Zach has given me is confidence. To have confidence in myself and my ability, and that has been life changing for me."   

-Hank Leipart


"I have spent thousands of dollars on lessons, and nothing clicked until Hank started working with you on his mindset!" 

-Mike Leipart


"Zach knows better than anyone how to control and improve this side of the game."

-Jonathan DeMarte, Team Israel Baseball


"As I continued to work (with Zach), I was able to carry myself with a positive and confident mindset not just in baseball, but in my daily life."

-Jack Rosgen


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Begin to excel in whatever you're trying to perform at, even if it's to be a better friend. We believe in your excellence


It's not always about performance...


...but when it comes to competition, IT IS about performance. The best competitors out there are obsessed with winning and constantly finding ways to win, including the game within the game. 


This is what I am about when it comes to performance. Everybody must be obsessed with their craft, honing it all the time, and constantly making adjustments. Being a student of our own game, is where the magic happens. When you succeed, do you know why? When you fail, do you know why? Studying yourself and your performance creates a feeling of faith-in-failure because you know you can put everything on the line, and always get feedback.


When I was growing up in baseball, I took a lot of things personally. I tended to blame the umpire, coaches, and even other teammates. When I started to mature and began to understand that all of that was blocking me from greatness, I began to slowly shift my mind. Most recently when I was competing in Bulgaria for Team Israel in an Olympic qualifier, an umpire made a bad call. I hit a homerun down the line which was called foul by the base umpire, who had no clear angle on the ball. Immediately after calling it foul, he apologized, but it was too late. I had to take the next pitch for what it was and try to repeat my actions. I clearly remember telling myself (out loud), "Alright, I'll just do it again!" This was not a line I said when I was younger. What did I do? I hit a HUGE opposite field homerun on the very next pitch! My teammate, and buddy, Rob Paller (aka Bobby Barrels), greeted me when I touched home plate and said "Dude, that was the coolest thing I've ever seen!"


I responded by saying, "That was the coolest thing I've ever done!"


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